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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our forum. Before you proceed, please read the following closely. The purpose of this page is to allow individuals that struggle with mental illness to share their writings of their experiences. All pieces will be submitted anonymously. Our hope for this page is to continue the process of destigmatizing mental illness, providing a space for individuals to have a voice, to help people better understand mental disorders and to remind those who struggle that they are not alone. Writing and sharing can bring positive validation and add to the healing process itself. It is important to note, that this page may be triggering for some since the topics may include abuse, suicide, self-harm, and other challenging circumstances and symptoms. We want to ensure this page breeds positivity and validation for those taking a courageous step in sharing, therefore, only such comments will be allowed. Any comments that are negative and add to the stigma of mental illness will be deleted. Questions are encouraged as mental health professionals will be monitoring the page and responding when time allows, individuals who write their pieces are also encouraged to answer any questions that arise.

If you would like to submit a piece of writing, please email it to:

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