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We are seeking masters or doctorate-level clinicians, including interns and post-docs, to join our young but quickly growing practice in St. Charles.


The ideal candidate is someone eager to join a smaller practice and play an intricate role as we continue to grow in the community.


We afford our clinicians a great deal of flexibility and independence as we realize clinicians who are valued and allowed schedules that fit with their life do the best clinical work. This is why clinicians have stuck with us and become part of the family.

Our practice has quickly immersed itself in the community and has developed relationships with school districts, physicians, mental health providers, community groups, and local businesses.

In order for clinicians to best serve their clients, they need to be taken care of and immersed in a warm, supportive, and flexible environment. This has and always will be a priority at the Fox family.

In order to apply, please send your resume to 

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