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Dr. Nick Costakis, Psy. D. (Dr. Nick)

  • Dr. Nick has over ten years of experience in the domains of psychological and neuropsychological testing. He has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in hospital, school, community, and private practice settings. Dr. Nick takes a comprehensive, yet highly pragmatic approach to his evaluations in which he seeks to provide the client and their family with the answers they are seeking. Based on the test results, Dr. Nick will create an individualized and eclectic list of recommendations that offer the client and their family a sense of direction. These include, but are not limited to educational, occupational, medical, lifestyle, and parenting recommendations. He works cooperatively with local physicians, schools, counselors, and various other treatment providers to assure that his clients are in good hands. He has built his business on his reputation and many of his referrals come from satisfied clients.


  • Dr. Nick was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago and has devoted both personal and professional endeavors to assisting those in need. This is evidenced by his role on the board of a local non-for profit organization and his affiliation with various other charitable organizations. In his free time Dr. Nick enjoys spending time with his family, sports, reading, exercising, BBQ’ing, and music.

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