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Assessments for Adults

  • Adult psychological and neuropsychological evaluations provided by Dr. Nick offer insight into an individual’s current level of functioning. Evaluations identify and articulate struggles in the adult’s life effecting personal, educational, relationship, or occupational functioning. The assessment is tailored to the individuals needs and provides comprehensive recommendations to assist with the future. Dr. Nick will collaborate with  other health professionals and provide referrals for follow-up treatment, if necessary.


  • Frequent diagnostic considerations include:

    • Memory problems

    • Cognitive struggles related to medical conditions

    • ADHD

    • Learning Disabilities

    • Mood Disorders

    • Autism Spectrum Disorders

    • Pre-Surgical Evaluations (bariatric surgery, spinal cord stimulators)

    • Deportation/Immigration Evaluations

    • FOID Evaluations

Assessments for Adults Fox Clinical Services
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