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Psychological Assessments for Children and Teens: Child Psychologists in St. Charles, IL

Psychological and Neuropsychological evaluations are conducted by Dr. Nick, a licensed clinical psychologist. Evaluations provide normed and standardized data in order to better understand your child’s functioning.

Assessments can provide insight into academic concerns, cognitive struggles including problems with attention and focus, difficulties relating to others, emotional concerns, or diagnostic clarification. Fox Clinical Services works closely with local physicians, psychiatrists, speech and occupational therapists, and school districts to assure coordination of care. If follow up services are recommended, Dr. Nick will create individualized recommendations and assist with connecting your child with local healthcare providers. His specialized, collaborative, and multidisciplinary recommendations result in local professionals often choosing Dr. Nick as a provider.

Cognitive Tests for Learning Disabilities, Anxiety in Children, & More

  • Frequent diagnostic considerations include:

    • Learning Disabilities

    • Autism Spectrum Disorders

    • ADHD

    • Cognitive or Developmental Delays

    • Mood Disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)

    • Behavioral concerns including defiance

    • School anxiety, resistance, and refusal

    • Communication Disorders


Neuropsychological Testing

in St. Charles, IL

Fox Clinical Services' child psychologists provide IQ tests, testing for learning disabilities, ADHD tests, and more in St. Charles, IL for children and teens. We also serve Geneva, Batavia, South Elgin, and the surrounding communities.

Testing for Children Fox Clinical Services
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