Christina Oxley, LPC


Child, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling 

Certified Yoga Instructor

Christina Oxley Fox Clinical Services

Christina is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor who enjoys working with diverse people of all ages and backgrounds. She received her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2006. Christina has a genuine interest in hearing the story of others and supporting people as they work through life’s challenges.  She has a particular passion for working with adolescents and adults alike struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, addiction, body image issues, as well as emotions of shame, guilt and grief.  She enjoys working with women dealing with issues of pregnancy (pre and post-natal) whilst navigating parenting challenges and work. Christina is also passionate about children and draws from both personal and clinical experiences when intervening with children and their parents. 

Christina addresses clients holistically, seeking to understand their mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects then applying evidence-based treatments to address individuals’ unique needs.  Christina has an acute awareness and sensitivity to trauma and offers a non-judgmental approach with a warm empathic environment.  She sees individuals as their own experts and views herself as a mirror to reflect back, enabling a client’s greater understanding of themselves.  Christina offers support and appropriate interventions to help clients work towards the changes they want in their life. In 2016 she became a certified yoga instructor and continues to practice regularly in support of her own overall health. When appropriate this experience is incorporated into therapy as breath work, mindfulness, and basic postures intended to support varying mental states.

The mother of two young and energetic boys, Christina grew up and currently resides in St. Charles. Christina strongly believes in continuing to work on herself both professionally and in all other aspects of her life. She loves learning and is always open to change.  In her free time, Christina enjoys reading, drawing, walking, and being outdoors.

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